NIZAM Canvas
Engineered to Survive!

NIZAM is the largest manufacturer and market leader in supplying canvas fabric globally for a variety of applications. Our rich history of 150 years and experience have helped us in developing fabric that delivers superior durability and performance. Through close-knit collaboration with textile development engineers, program managers and vertically integrated setup, we have been able to create sustainable and functional canvas fabric for a variety of industrial applications. Our fabric provide real tactical improvement in areas such as weight, durability, concealment as well as UV degradation, flame repellent and enhanced resistance to fading/rotting/water. We offer the widest selection of all types of Cotton Canvas from lightweight to heavyweight with custom dye lots for a variety of uses. Our entire production process consists of Twisting, Weaving, Bleaching, Dyeing, Processing, Coating and Finishing units, hence, ensuring the overall quality and timely supply of final products. 

Facts About Nizam