NIZAM Relief
Restoring the faith in Humanity; Ready for the Unexpected!

We assist, anticipate and enable leading humanitarian aid organizations in natural and man-made disasters around the world. Over the course of last century, NIZAM has sustained and evolved as a leading supplier of humanitarian relief supplies. We have further consolidated our value proposition to our customers by forming a first of its kind joint venture with Alpinter S.A, Belgium; offering world class marketing insight, customer service, logistics, quality control, Research & Development center in the heart of Europe. Together, we have led innovation in design of Shelters (Family & Multi-Purpose Tents), Blankets and customized Non-Food Item kits with our zeal of working towards a better future. Our production facilities across Pakistan, UAE, China and Bulgaria are equipped with state of the art machinery, stringent quality procedures, ethically responsible manufacturing processes, lean management and innovative techniques. We are one of the leading global suppliers in the humanitarian industry to operate global footprint of production facilities and warehouses that maintain "Never out of stock" from Asia, Middle East and Europe. Hence, ultimately fulfilling our promise to the global humanitarian community of being "Ready for the unexpected!"

Warehousing in 5
continents and Manufacturing in 4